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Publikationen 2016:

V. Pintus, S. Wei, M. Schreiner:
Accelerated UV ageing studies of acrylic, alkyd, and polyvinyl acetate paints: Influence of inorganic pigments.
Microchem J 124 (2016) 949-961

M. Anghelone, D. Jembrih-Simbürger, M. Schreiner:
Influence of phthalocyanine pigments on the photo-degradation of alkyd artists' paints under different conditions of artificial solar radiation.
Polymer Degradation and Stability 134 (2016) 157–168

O. Schalm, A. Crabbe, P. Storme, R. Wiesinger, A. Gambirasi, E. Grieten, P. Tack, S. Bauters, C. Kleber, M. Favaro, D. Schryvers, L. Vincze, H. Terryn, A. Patelli:
The corrosion process of sterling silver exposed to a Na2S solution : monitoring and characterizing the complex surface evolution using a multi-analytical approach.
Applied physics A 122:10 (2016) 1-16